Rautaranta automatisoitu ulkoliikuntasali rakentui Digiovi–Ajax -integraatiolle


February 27, 2023

Rautaranta is the only fully automatic year-round outdoor gym in Finland. The organizer of the project, managing director Juha Kupiainen, had a solid vision for the future of the outdoor gym at the beginning. In order to implement the vision, Rautaranta looked for domestic industry players and found IDcontrol’s Digiovi access control solution to be the best option. After finding a working concept, new locations have already been planned outside the borders of Finland.

– We wanted to build a comprehensive security and access control solution for our unique outdoor gym concept. The idea was to make a similar implementation to, for example, fenced construction sites with a full-height turnstile and an access control system connected to it. To build a similar solution, we needed a system and equipment with which we could implement a flexible user experience and first-class security for our customers, says Kupiainen.

IDcontrol’s expertise and unique integration with the Ajax intrusion alarm system were the deciding factors in choosing the partner. With the help of the Digiovi access control solution provided by IDcontrol, the Rautaranta outdoor gym is able to monitor the movement of visitors in the gym and offer a flexible service.

– We decided to go with the Digiovi solution after conducting a market survey of the companies in the field operating in Finland. IDcontrol seemed to have the best understanding of the sales function and sales process, and the product and service package was the most convincing of all evaluated. Many providers’ access control felt old-fashioned, Digiovi seemed more modern, says Kupiainen.

IDcontrol’s Digiovi helped develop the service concept further

Digiovi is the only access control system that is integrated with Ajax Systems’ intrusion system. Rautaranta outdoor gym is the first destination where new technology is utilized.

– We are very satisfied with the cooperation of Ajax intrusion system with Digiovi access control. It was absolutely amazing that IDcontrol, as a smaller operator, was able to deliver the whole package together with Securitas. All technical challenges were resolved quickly and the support was very competent and knowledgeable, says Kupiainen.

– The concept was not the easiest, because all possible usage situations had to be taken into account so that the whole operation could function even without staff. With this new implementation, we have succeeded in developing our service concept, Kupiainen continues.

The end result is Finland’s first fully automatic outdoor gym

-With the IDcontrol, Ajax and Securitas combination, we can ensure that Rautaranta is safe and reliable. With the automation of operations, it is extremely important that access control works. The PIN-code reader-operated access has proven to be a reliable solution, says Kupiainen.

– For the customers, the change was certainly significant. With the automation, the opening hours of the cash register were limited, as a result of which more independence is required from gym visitors. We recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey, and despite the changes, customers have generally been very satisfied. The new system and operating method did not weaken the user experience, but customers are now used to using access codes and identifiers. The process change was successful in all respects. Despite that, we constantly strive to improve the customer experience, Kupiainen concludes.