Waist height gates

Waist height gates are an excellent choice for subjects where the amount of people that go in, and perhaps out as well, is important. The gates provide a reasonably accurate count of the number of people in and out of the premises and prevent access by unauthorized persons. Waist height turnstiles are cost-effective, space-limited solutions that can be customized based on the needs.

Waist height turnstiles are used, for example, in sports stadiums and other sports facilities such as swimming pools and gyms. Generally, these gates are good for premises that are somehow guarded, as it is possible to jump over these gates if they are in a completely unattended position.

IDcontrol represents the gate selection of Özak. These high quality gates can withstand very high traffic volumes. At an annual level, over one million accesses have not caused any problems in terms of functionality or reliability.

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