IDcontrol – access control and identification

IDcontrol focuses into development and customer service. We provide turn-key solutions for access control and identification for our clients.

We deliver solutions to both private and public sector organisations which need to identify and control access into all sort of premises. We make the everyday life and work more secure, more comfortable and easier for the customers and staff of our clients.


Digiovi access control system is an unique solution to control and integrate different identification and access control devices, such as locking systems, tags and different methods of identification (mobile devices, biometric, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth) as well as comprehensive systems like building automation, safety and booking systems, for easy control of all access control and identification.

IDcontrol – unique mobile access control

Everything we do culminates in identification and access control. We believe, that in the future secure identification is a crucial factor in the business for growing number of companies. The identification of people and goods must be safe and effortless. Different kind of integrations between devices and systems, such as gates and readers is growing in importance is all kind of buildings and premises. We believe in technology and we are currently the sole supplier of mobile access control systems. With our Digiovi-system we can integrate mobile access control with almost any system and device.

Values  of IDcontrol


We always start from the client needs and support our clients in the fast evolving world of identification technologies.

Our core value is to take care of our clients, our personnel and our partners. In all our business relations we seek long term and mutually beneficial cooperation.



For us, the quality is much more than just certificates. Quality for us means covering of all aspects of products and services as well as continuous development in our activities and products.


The safety means for us wide-reaching safety, covering the whole process. We work in secure way in all our operations, in our services and in our products.