SG 55 & SG 90

SG 55 and 90 are high-wing speed gates. Suitable for locations where it is necessary to ensure that outsiders cannot enter without permission. Unlike the waist-height version, it is suitable, for example, for unsupervised access points.

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Body depth 325, height 1030mm, length 1465mm


Body stainless steel and glass wings

Operating temperature

-20 C – +68 C

Passage speed

25-50 people per minute

SG 55 is a speed gate like HG 01 and HG 02. It is reliable and it will let the visitors enter only one by impeding “tailgating” which means that sneaking behind another person will be difficult and awkward. SG 55 wings are available in three different heights which can prevent jumping over the gate in unsupervised areas and where security and safety are of the highest priority.

SG 55 Technical Specifications

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SG 90 Technical Specifications

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