GL A1 wing gate

GL A1 is an elegant and attractive motorized wing gate for indoor use.

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Pole heights 1030mm, wing height 930mm,
Pole diameter 230mm, wing length 900mm (default)


Pole stainless steel and wing either glass or plexiglas

Operating temperature

-20 C – +68 C

Passage speed

Opens and closes in three seconds.

Modern and stylish glass winged engined pedestrian gate for indoor use. The glass wing is through hardened and it is also available with plex or lexa. Top of the post is granite which makes it elegant and groomed looking. Works to both directions so one gate is enough to manage 15 people per minute. Width of the gate is 450mm or 900mm. The gate stops automatically when it hits an obstacle. It can be connected to different access control systems. In case of an emergency the gate will be opened by alarm control. Optional extras are floor, remote control and passer tracker.


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