BTA 300 turnstile

At IDcontrol Oy, we have developed an access gate specifically for use in gyms. The gate dispenses one customer at a time, effectively preventing outsiders from entering the premises. This, in turn, increases the feeling of safety, especially among those who practice outside of peak hours.

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Acrylic and perforated painted steel

Operating temperature

0 C – +68 C

Passage speed

10-25 ihmistä minuutissa (max 60)


The appearance of the gate is fresh (transparent acrylic), but it can also withstand heavy wear. The BTA 300 gate can easily be connected to an existing access control system or to IDcontrol Oy's own Digiovi solution. The same basic frame and mechanism are used in other Özak models, such as construction site and stadium gates, where product durability is important. The perforated walls of the standard model can be replaced with glass or acrylic walls. In addition, different color options are available as a factory order, starting with lots of one gate.


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