Central Finland Rescue Department: 47 locations, 1,200 people, thousands of vital rescue equipment – UHF identification and reliable inventory

October 14, 2019

One rescue vehicle may contain hundreds of different life-saving equipment, such as smoke diver’s face protection. Each device used in rescue operations have their own maintenance span and must be reliably identified to ensure that they are functioning properly. The UHF chip-based identification system provided by IDcontrol allows rescue personnel to trust that the equipment is properly maintained for demanding tasks.

With IDcontrol’s tags and digital system enables, for example, to track where the devices are, identify individual devices, and identify the need for annual maintenance. Reliable inventory is the basis for equipment management.

-The inventory solution is, and will be, an important tool to improve the efficiency of the daily work of our entire staff. We are currently in the training phase for the system to be fully implemented, says Jaakko Heinonen from the Central Finland Rescue Service.

When optical recognition is not enough

When Keski-Suomen Pelastuslaitos (Central Finland’s Rescue Department) decided to develop inventory and management of rescue equipment, the challenge was to find UHF identification devices that were small enough. The solution offered by IDcontrol was selected following a call for tenders.

-We have 47 locations, employing around 1,200 people, and have thousands of rescue equipment at their disposal. Devices that help our knowledgeable personnel in a rescue mission are the cornerstone of our operations, and their operation can only be guaranteed through proper maintenance, Heinonen says.

For example, smoke diver’s equipment has to withstand heat, smoke and wear, making it impossible to use optical labels such as barcodes. The UHF identification was chosen as the solution, with Panmobil Ecco + as reader and Lintag, SlimFlex Mini and Bricktag as tags. The barcode and Datalogic 2D readers were chosen as the detection method for the applicable devices.

-We have tested various options together with IDcontrol and the collaboration has been a very positive experience. IDcontrol has helped us to tailor the system specifically to the needs of the rescue service. We have received support and help from them, Heinonen says.