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RFID credentials & readers

IDcontrol has delivered thousands of readers since 2004 and over a million RFID credentials and tags to its customers. Company has an extensive experience in solving/ delivering various RFID solutions such as industrial locations, municipal buildings, restaurants as well as sporting clubs.

RFID credential could be used in logistic tracking, opening doors and identifying loyalty customers. NFC credentials are utilizing RFID technology and they can be used the similar way as RFID credentials. NFC reader can be a mobile device, PACS reader or a heavy duty industrial reader too.

RFID credential as a PACS credential can have different shapes- like a key ring, Id card, or any kind of a credential with a RFID chip inside.

Our range covers various types of RFID, NFC credentials and readers.
RFID and NFC readers
We represent HID Global Omnikey and ACR reader range.
RFID and NFC credentials
A standard RFID credentials comes to us either from HID Global or from some other manufacturer.