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Access Control

DigitalDoor Physical access control

DigitalDoor physical access control solution is an innovative 2020 –century solution for controlling doors and streamlined support. System is based on standard Internet protocol. Installation and introduction of the system is a true Plug&Play solution.

Access to doors and reporting modules is enabled 24/7 when ever and from any place you need. DigitalDoor – is a modern solution of planning your access control the easiest possible way.

Nedap AEOS physical access control

Nedap AEOS access control system is comprehensive and all inclusive IP based solution for demanding environment. Nedap AEOS access control is suitable for both big and small size of a companies whenever there is a need for an extensive security solution.

Physical Access control readers

Our range includes HID Global and Idesco readers for all frequencies (125kHz, 13.56Mhz and UHF). All readers can also be equipped with a PIN code keyboard. We are using our respective manufacturers products in all our installations. This ensures you an extensive and skilled support at all times.
Digiovi - DigitalDoor (272x180)
Digiovi Access control system is your choice for online door management.
Nedap (272x180)
Nedap AEOS PACS –cost efficient solution for every purpose or to meet your needs
Physical Access control readers (272x180)
Physical Access control readers