INT-2900 intercom

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The INT-2900 works with KomuDoor intercomsystem developed with IDcontrol and Komu Homes.


The spacious 7″ touch screen can be used for ecample to add the company logos. Employees’ smartphones or tablets ring and when they answer, they get a voice and video connection with the visitor, even if they are not even in the office.

Residential buildings:

The KomuDoor telephone system is the first on the market and, to our knowledge, the only one where the resident takes care of the maintenance and management of the property manager’s activities automatically. On the touch screen can be shown a list of residents from which you can browse, select the apartment number and call.

The INT-2900 door phone’s screen can display advertising texts and pictures, welcome text, or informative notices.


+358 - 20 734 3218


Access control, RFID-readers and pedestrian gates: