INT-2800 intercom

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In addition to the numeric keypad, the INT-2800 intercom has a small screen. The device perfectly withstands even the coldest temperatures. The built-in RFID reader enables the use of a light access control system. Residents can be given key rings or tags that can be shown to the intercom to enter the front door. This makes it easier to get through the door.

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Access control

Includes access control reader

The INT-2800 door phone works entirely with the domestic Komu door intercom.
This is the first IP-based solution on the market, where the management of the systems is handled entirely by the residents instead of the property manager or landlord. End users add themselves and delete old users easily with the help of a registration guide. This means that the Komu intercom system is as easy to use as a traditional wired system, but significantly more affordable. It also offers all the benefits of an IP-based system, such as remote access to visitors.


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