IDcontrol Oy’s advanced and flexible mobile cabinet system consists of the lockers, the technology and a locking system. The system can also be installed in existing lockers on the premises. The mobile cabinet works with many different RFID, PIN code, barcode, and fingerprint readers and tags, as the solution focuses on the Digiovi terminal developed by IDcontrol Oy. In practice, the system can be integrated into as many different identification environments as needed. In addition to the flexible tag options the system is able to integrate with third-party software via the Digiovi interface. This enables the management of lockers with the company’s own solutions, such as ERP, CRM, HR system, access control or e-commerce solutions.

ID cabinet system –With the mobile cabinet system the management of your stored belongings is easy and flexible, whilesimultaneously reducing running costs. Fixed keys or tags are no longer required to open a single locker, but the opening mechanics can be defined as needed. The cabinet system is a flexible and customizable solution for all types of workplace environments. Versatile management and authentication capabilities make the system the ideal solution for storing goods in the workplace. The lockers succeed in the safe storage of both corporate and personal property. ID cabinet system can be customized as needed. It can also be installed into most existing lockers. ID cabinet system guarantees secure storage regardless of time and place.